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19. July 2019 10:11

What is trending in bags

Need retail fashion bags?  How about a conference bag with a little style?  Looks like here is what in:


Vintage inspired shapes are big including flap shoulder bags with tailored handles.  The textured leathers such as stamped croc, python and other faux materials.  Boutique bags that are laminated Lu Lu Lemon style are also seeing an increase in sales on the retail side as well as the convention side of bag purchases.


Geometric shapes are emerging as the newest trend including a circular bag, globe shape and even trapezoid shapes.


Handbags offering practical function such as ipad carriers, are always in the news.


And finally yes fanny packs are back.  What goes around comes around (of course with a few extra inches "around" for those of us aging in the middle body...)


So grab your custom brightly colored tote bags from Adco Marketing and hit the trade show scene in style!  Think lime green and tangerine bags.  Give Adco Marketing a call at 888-322-ADCO to get our expert trending bag advice!

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